Our Parent Company 

Daric Investment Holding Company was established for the purpose of taking part in industrial promotion of the country, creation of employment opportunities and training of creative skilled manpower in 2001. It was created based on completely private investment and started constructing and operating several industrial complexes.
This holding company achieved to create the proper infrastructures to make huge investments taking use of modern planning systems, updated knowledge and technology within a short period.
All these activities have been made with a focus on the promotion of local industry, development and welfare having in mind the ambitious aim of having a great share in regional and global markets. Currently this holding is the largest investment company in the northwest of the country.
This group has had a quick trend of development and it has been able to take benefit of every opportunity to promote its operating capacity, to create its subsidiaries in industrial, service and constructional areas to operate under the three holdings:

Moreover, this company has created over thousands employment opportunities, relying on capabilities of its expert staff members and this fact plays an important role in the region employment.

Gostaresh Foulad Tabriz Investment company is operating as the largest holding company of the Daric Investment Group consisting of several complexes, plants and projects. The management approach taken by this company was an element that provided for the expansion of scope of activity of this group under multidimensional strategic plans.
This company is a center of diversified activities with a broad organizational system and the products of its industrial plants consist of various kinds of Copper & Gold Ore, Iron ore (Hematite & magnetite), Iron and titanium dioxide concentrates, Limestone (purity of over 97%), Silica Stone (purity of over 97%), Coal, Steel Billet & Bloom, Plain rounds & Rebar, Galvanized Coil & Sheet, Galvanized Steel Pipe & Tube, Structural Steel (I-beams, H-beam, angles, channel), Steel Structures and Traveling Overhead Cranes.
In recent years, the company policies and procedures are based on constructing and transferring the plant’s share as the cash or finance. This process causes increases of the industrial development pace along with high employment rate in the region and also able to create a best atmosphere for producers in the form of specialty and for the public in the form of cooperation or investment.