Machinery and Equipment 

Owning automatic and new equipments is necessary to promote quality and capacity of the production. In this regard, Yagout Sanat Tabriz group has this advantage by owning and using the mentioned equipments in production and quality control units. Some of these equipments are as follow.

Production equipments:

Cutting machines
   more than 25 machines including band saw, table fire saw, cold saw, guillotines (3 and 6 meters), 1 CNC cutting machine (3*14 meters), more than 30 airjet cutting machines

Drilling machines
   more than 20 machines including CNC, radial arm, column and magnetic drills

Machining and turning machines
   more than 20 machines including milling, shaper, lathes machines and …

Welding machines
   more than 200 machines including submerged arc welding, CO2 welding, shielded metal arc welding and …

Press machines for punching
   4 machines in capacity range of 20 to 100 tons

Workshop Transportation
   6 lift trucks and 16 overhead cranes in capacity range of 4 to 20 tons

Shot blasting machines
   full automatic shot blasting for heavy parts with the dimension of 1 meter height, 3 meters width and up to 25 meters length, 2 semi automatic shot blasting machines and 2 semi automatic sand blasting machines

H-beam production line
   assembly line, 4 machines for submerged arc welding and straightening machine for different thicknesses with dimension of 140 meters length, 1.8 meters height and 0.8 meter width with 800 tons capacity per month

Quality control equipments:

   welding test equipments including PT, MT, UT, Cambridge weld gage, dial and digital calipers, micrometers, elcometer instrument (painting thickness) and …